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The bride in her white wedding dress showing off her cowboy boots while dancing with her brother to the Boot Scoot and Boogie.
The bride is about to toss her bridal bouquet to all of the single girls at the Adelaide Hall in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Many of the guests are jamming to Thriller by Michael Jackson while at a reception at the haunted Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
This is the DJ: Sean Hearn congratulating the new bride and groom at the wedding reception in Bentonville, Arkansas.
The DJ: Sean Hearn, talks to a tired looking bride and groom after a long night of dancing in Conway, AR.
The bridesmaids are surrounding the new groom and dancing as the feather fly from the boas in the Conservatory in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
A bride and groom dancing to the special song in the grand ballroom of the Crescent Hotel, while the entertainment company: Music in Motion showers them with bubbles.
This young girl stands on a chair so she is as tall as her daddy as they dance to a sweet song.
Two young children swing dancing to a Michael Buble song while at a reception in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
The bride and groom are sharing their first dance to Butterfly Kisses at a reception at the Event Place on Weddington in Fayettevile, AR.
This group of college students snap a selfie to post on Snapchat during a reception in the Atrium at the historic Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs.
A large group of sorority sisters, Kappas, pose for a picture with the bride at the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville, ARK.
This Military Officer enjoys the first dance with his new bride in front of blue uplights running up the walls and their names and wedding date rotating on the floor with the name in lights.
This new bride and groom share their first dance at the reception at Mt. Magazing Lodge in a room lit up with red uplights with names and wedding date monogrammed on the wall in name in lights.
The room glows in a warm green glow thanks to the uplights as the new bride and groom share waltz to their first dance as husband and wife in front of their name in lights on the wall.
At this reception in downtown Eureka Springs, a fun-hearted daddy dances with his daughter on his knees at an outdoor reception out on the deck.
This bride is dancing for the first time as a married woman with her grandfather at the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Wedding Receptions


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Every event I do is important, but receptions are special! This is the day many young girls dream about. I love being able to help make it the fairy-tale event it should be.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of hiring the best entertainer you can find (and afford) to handle your wedding reception. A reception isn't just a dinner after your wedding; it is a bringing together of your family and friends to celebrate your union and make memories to last a lifetime. It is a day/night that you plan for months and spend enormous amounts of money on - it needs to be awesome! Your guests may not remember the meat served or how long your train was or even the flowers, but they will remember that special dance with your dad (or mom). They will remember the anniversary dance that ended with advice from your Grandparents. They will remember the whole room doing the YMCA. A great DJ not only picks the perfect songs to create the right atmosphere - he will create situations that bring the group together and that make great pictures!

The Bridal party dressed in baby blue lead the entire group at the reception in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in the YMCA.

About five years ago, I developed a reception planner. When you hire me, I will mail this to you to be completed and returned. Not only will this help you to organize how you want the day's festivities to run: what you want, what you don't want, and what order you prefer, but it also gives me an ironclad outline to use.

With the planner, I have all the names of the people I will be addressing over the speakers such as family members or the best man for the toast. It also works out great because you are able to sit down months in advance and think it through without all the stress that will develop as the big day gets closer.

Once you have completed the planner and returned it, I will go over it. If something is unique or the order looks different, I will call to ensure we are on the same page. Once the planner is in place, you can simply forget about my portion. Of course, you can call as often as you wish, should a change develop or you have questions where I can add any insights. Otherwise, I will call you on the week of the reception to confirm that everything is taken care of.

You just enjoy the ceremony and show up with your friends and family. I will take care of the rest. The planner helps to alleviate a lot of the stress that you would otherwise be faced with.

As your DJ, I will provide the right music, lights and special effects, to enhance the special moments and keep the dance floor hopping. You are not just hiring a juke box, as any monkey can just push buttons and play songs! The music is important: I will take requests all night and play a variety that can range from a big band waltz for your grandparents, to line dances, to disco, to the latest Top40 dance hits.

Every show is different. I tailor the music at your reception to meet the tastes and needs of your guests in attendance. If a request is made, I will build a set around it.

For example, say I am playing Luke Bryan and you request the Wobble - I won't just drop it in the middle of a country song. I might play the Electric Slide which is a line dance, then play the Wobble, then roll into the Cupid Shuffle, then more new hits.

I will also interact with your guests to help keep things flowing and create wonderful party pics for your photographer. I may get out and teach the kids and a handful of the adults (who act worse than the kids) how to do the chicken dance. I might get the whole group doing the YMCA or the train or even the twist. My point is that this is a party and as your DJ I will be doing much more than just pressing the PLAY button!

DJ Sean Hearn teaches the bride, groom and wedding party a new line dance at a reception held at the Mt Magazine Lodge in Paris, Arkansas.