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Corporate Celebrations

The stage boasts not one, but two large video screens in front of the employees of Pernod Ricard (Hirem Walker) and their Christmas Party in the Fort Smith Convention Center.

Corporate Christmas Parties are one of my specialties. If you are the one in charge, this can be a scary proposition -- you have to pick the right entertainer or it will be you who gets blamed when it bombs.

I have done many Christmas parties over the years for companies such as Ricard Pernod, Crossland Construction, Zero Mountain, Crescent Hotel, Furniture Factory Outlet, AES, Arvest, and P&G.

Most of my Christmas Parties start out with the Christmas tunes during dinner and the happy hour. Once we start the dancing, it is party time! I work hard to make you look good. I take requests all night and play a good mix to involve everyone in the room.

Music at a Corporate event takes a special touch. Generally, there is a very wide range of ages; so, it is important to play tunes to include everyone.

What I try to do at a corporate event is two fold. Yes, it is a party to celebrate the holiday and have fun, but it is also an excellent opportunity to create a bonding experience company-wide.

I also try to erase the corporate ladder and make the whole group feel like they are on the same level. There are several ways to do this. For example, maybe your group is a little stuffy with lots of ties -- I request that you give me a $20 gift card to give away. After dinner, before the dancing starts, I announce that we are going to play a game. The women have one minute, whoever brings me the most ties wins a prize … GO - and I start a fast song! There is no time to think, many of the women will be up collecting neck ties and running to the front to turn them in. It is fast and furious, everyone is laughing, all the ties are coming off. Okay, we just lightened the mood 200%.

This woman was performing a Carrie Underwood song as she enjoys Karaoke at a Christmas Party in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Maybe we have centerpieces to give away. I have several games to accomplish this: hot potato, special chair, saran ball game, etc. If you want more than a short game, maybe we do a White Elephant Christmas auction to start the night. There are tons of things we can do to make it a fun, relaxed night.

I am your master of ceremonies and will shoulder the responsibility of all of the announcements and running the night. Having said that, you are able to use my gear as you need. If you have someone who wants to speak, I have a cordless mic.

If you are planning other activities, we will work it out so I have whatever you need for music and sound. For example, if you have a video, I can play the sound through my speakers. If you have a skit or performance, I will coordinate the music.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention karaoke. While I am not a huge fan, it can be a great addition to a Christmas Party. If you are considering it, I would suggest having it early in the night, before the alcohol kicks in, and I would limit it. Say the dance portion is 3 hours, maybe only have karaoke for the first half of the night or maybe just the first hour. I would also not recommend it exclusively; I suggest mixing it in as requests are made. If I make announcements as guests arrive, then there is no confusion. Also, if it is just a small portion of the night, people who are not karaoke fans will not be liable to leave to avoid it.

If you have specific questions or want to check on a date, please give me a call (479) 461-3539 or send me an email . December books fast.

This year, there was a group that dressed up the same in orange shirts, fame mustaches and western hats at the Minnis In The Ozarks' Halloween party.