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Music Library

My Music collection is over 23,000 files strong. It includes MP3 songs, karaoke tunes and videos. The software that I use: Virtual DJ, allows me to play them all, interchangeably. My assortment is very unique in that it is not just mainstream songs. I may have multiple versions of some songs because I have remixes.

I also have some medleys and remixes that I have created. An example of a medley would be a 10 minute montage of 40 songs all perfectly mixed, beat to beat, with no pauses. My library spans all eras from the 1930's to hot new releases. I have Big Band, Country, Disco, 70's & 80s, Classic Rock, Red Dirt, Irish, EDM, Alternative, Hispanic, Chinese and of course, the newest Top 40 Releases.

I want to say proudly, that I am the exception among today's DJs in that I own all of my music. No, I don't go online and to sites and download free shareware versions. I have in the neighborhood or 2000 CDs and 500 records. I haven't bought either in a while, but I do still buy my tunes. The majority of them now come from the digital collection at Amazon.

I also want to tell a quick funny. Had a regular client (school) call to book me for a junior high event. Unfortunately, I was already booked so I was unable to help her. We usually communicate through email; so, I was surprised to get a call from her the week after their scheduled event. Apparently, she booked another DJ who showed up to play their function. About ten minutes prior to the dance starting, he approached the sponsor panicked! His plan was to stream music from some online service like IHEART or SPOTIFY and there was no connection available in the cafeteria. He did not have one song on his person, not even a few in his phone.

I am constantly adding to the pile. With all the new music coming out, I have to so that I stay current. I am also adding older songs, too. It is rare that I get a request that I don't have, but it happens. When it does, I always say and do the same thing: I apologize to the person who made the request, but I am then quick to add, "Ask me at the next show, if it is out there somewhere that I can buy it, I will have it!" Then, the following week, I search it out, buy it and add it to my collection.

DJ Sean Hearn chillin in an enormous set of Stanton Headphones.

Visit my music library search to look through my music. The biggest thing I would say is: don't assume if it doesn't come up that I don't have it, please ask! This list is just a portion of the music I have, I am still working to build the list. If you have a specific selection, be sure to ask in advance; I will either already have it or buy it prior to your event.


Video is a great way to make your event different than many of the ones you have been to. I have a screen I can set up to play videos at your event. My video collection is 1200+ strong and still growing.