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School Dances & Proms

The Prom room is gorgeous as it glows brightly with the purple uplights surrounding the dance floor beside the 10 foot video screen and the massive array of lights and special effects in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

I have what it takes to make your prom or school dance the best it can be! First of all, check out my biography. I am not just some guy who decided yesterday to be a DJ - I have a club background, so when you hire me to rock your dance or prom, you will get a fun night!

I understand that you want to hear the hottest songs and they are not always clean. I only buy clean edits so I can play many of the songs you want that others can't because they have the dirty versions heard on the radio or the only version provided by the online services.

I bring over 23,000 MP3s to every show. Since I learned my craft in clubs, not only do I play current tunes, but I play and create remixes and medleys. If you go to my remixes page you can hear what I am talking about. Remixes make the dance special! Unlike my competitors, not all of my music can be heard on local radio stations.

The DJ, Sean Hearn, sports his tux and black and white ganster spats in front of the huge display of lights and special effects ready for the High School Prom Students to come and dance.

If we are going to do this right, you are going to need lights. I am not talking about a few Christmas lights and a little strobe light sitting on a table. I bring professional dance lighting. I have LED lights that will change to the beat and that allow me to make the floor change colors during different songs. I have intelligent lights that move and flash to the beat in rhythm. I also have strobes, lasers and a killer black light. The music is important, but the lights really make a huge impact.

Okay, so we have great tunes and cool lights, how about the sound quality? My system thumps. I bring powered JBL PRX Speakers (715s) and subs. When I need it slow and low, they sound crystal clear. When it is go time, I crank them up and we can vibrate the chandeliers. The best thing is, at my shows, you don't just hear my music, you feel it. The bass in some of the songs will make the hair on your arms stand up.

At the Lincoln Junior High Dance in Bentonville, Arkansas, a large crown of students for a circle around two boys as the demonstrate their dance moves to Silento's Watch me (Whip It Nae Nae).

I also have video as an option. So far, we have talked about what I consider to be the bare minimum for proms and school dances - video makes it unbelievable. I can put up a screen that is 10' wide and 7' tall. I have a rear projection projector so it sits behind the screen which is on the edge of the floor and doesn't take up valuable room on the floor. This allows you to not only hear and feel the music, you can see it. This means I can play the new videos just like you see on the big screens in clubs. It is a great way to make your prom the best one ever!

When you hire a Disc Jockey you will get what you pay for. There are cheaper shows out there, but how many dances do you have in a year? How many Senior proms do you have? If you are going to do it, why not do it right? Do you want a dance that is just okay or do you want to have one that is talked about for months (or even years) to come? Especially for a prom -- don't you want to make it special for the Seniors? After spending the money on the tuxes, formal dresses, flowers, and dinner; why would you scrimp on the entertainment? This is the Senior's last PARTY as a high school student!! Your entertainer will be the difference between a memorable dance and a crash and burn. Hire me to hear, feel and see the difference!

If you are having an event after the prom or graduation, you might want to consider adding KARAOKE for the party. My karaoke library is constantly updated and has many of the new artists. Dances are fun, but when you throw in some karaoke, it can really be a blast. I bring TVs, songbooks, 3 up to microphones and everything else you need.

If you are looking for a good idea to make a school dance more fun, let me help. Not only can I help you throw a theme party; I can give you great ideas to make a dance profitable (if you are trying to raise money for something).

This is a set up in a parking lot of Southside High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas, ready for the Mash Bash which is a post graduation party intended to keep the students safe sponsored by MADD.

For example, I helped a junior class plan a homecoming GLOW DANCE. I have access to several suppliers where I can buy glowing items at cost. They bought lots of GLOW items and sold them at the dance. Yes, we had the typical 4-inch sticks, but we also had earrings, belly rings, mouth wafers, necklaces, and bracelets. I also helped them design a 2 color T-shirt that they took pre-orders for and sold. The ink on the T-Shirts lit up every time I turned on the black lights. We had a few contests during the dance where we offered prizes. None of the items were expensive, but all in all, they raised almost $1000 and had fun doing it. That night, the students were encouraged to wear their function shirts and/or lots of white. I broke out the lasers, the black lights and the fog. It was wild, unlike anything they had ever done!

Lastly, I have a message for the cheerleaders and drill squads. I have made several medleys for dance routines and I would be happy to make one for your squad. I have even made some used by the dance squad at the University of Arkansas. If you would like to hear an example of some of my work, go to the remixes and medleys page. If I am hired to do your Prom, I will do up to 3 of the remixes for free. Have your sponsor give me a call (479) 461-3539 or send me an email.