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One of Sean Hearn's fancy Hotrod truck and trailer combinations that he used to transport all of his lighting and sound equipment from show to show.
DJSean and his father standing in front of the Whale Watcher Hotel during the Dayton Beach Bike week Motorcycle Rally.
DJSean Hearn with his 1939 Rat Rod Truck about to head to the Chicken Rod Nationals on the square in Lincoln Arkansas.
DJSean Hearn on his Fat Tire Harley Davidson Sportster just about to head to Bike Night at Jose's Bar and Grill in Springdale Arkansas.
This lowered purple Hotrod with flames and the pro stock hood scoop was used for years to pull the trailer containing all of the lights, sound equipment and special effect for the entertainment company Music In Motion.
DJSean cruising down A1A beside the ocean on his Harley Davidson Evo Road King through Flagler headed to Main Street in Daytona Beach Florida.
DJSean on his 2013 Harley Davidson Road King heading out to ride in the NWA Bikers Toy Run at Locomotion Fun Park in Fayetteville Arkansas.
DJSean carrying the Westville Cheer Team in the Homecoming Parade in hid low rider Chevy with flame paint job.
DJSean with his father Ross Hearn in Guymon Oklahoma attending the 5 state Motorcycle Run.
DJSean's ratrod, trailer and Harley heading to the Rats to Riches car show at Kay Rogers Parks in Fort Smith Arkansas.
DJSean standing beside his Vulcan Motorcycle after just arriving at the Copperhead Run Rally at Spavinaw Oklahoma in 2012.
DJsean on is 1996 Harley Road king in Bethel Delaware about to cruise to Ocean City Maryland to attend the OC Bike Fest.
This Hotrod GMC was being used by a bikini ladel model for a picture shoot at an antique show and shine car and truck show.
DJSean in 2011 on his Kawasaki Vulcan head out to go to the Sparks Motorcycle Rally in Sparks Oklahoma.
DJSean Hearn and his father Ross, standing behind his Harley Davidson Road King in 2013, just outside of St Augustine Florida taking a break enroute to Daytona Beach Florida.
DJSean riding is 1997 Harley Davidson Road King during the five state run in Guymon Oklahoma.
DJSean Hearn grinding on the frame of the old school chopper he is building.
DJSean sitting on his custom 1980 Honda Chopper he had built in Fort Smith Arkansas.
DJSean Hearn on his Vulcan head to the Toys for Tots motorcycle toy run.

Car / Truck / Motorcycle Rallies

These are one of my favorite events. I have had many toys over the years and I love attending rallies and car, truck or motorcycle shows. When I get an opportunity to perform at a truck, car or motorcycle event, it is like being paid to be somewhere I may have been anyway. I have done many and hope to do many more!

You want someone who talks the talk. You may be an awesome DJ, but if you don't know the difference between a quad intake and a 4 barrel carb, you probably won't be nearly as effective. In order to make the correct announcements, you need someone who is in that world.

Most of the car and truck shows I have done cater to the older vehicles or to a specific type like VWs, Corvettes, or Minis. In most cases, these events require the sock hop tunes like the Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, the Big Bopper, etc. I have done a few shows for the imports, air rides or stereo competitions with the newer vehicles, so I can rock that format too, but most have been the typical Car Show music.

The last few I have done, I put a new twist into it. I actually used my '39 Chevy Ratrod truck to house the speakers. It is not that big of a deal, but it definitely makes it fun and draws attention!

This is the lower parking lot of the Best Western Inn Of The Ozarks in Eureka Springs, filled with Volkswagons: bugs, vans, karma ghias, etc. - all enjoying the tunes provided by Sean Hearn, the DJ for Music In Motion.