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Beautiful blue uplights and name in lights displayed behind the newlyweds: Cole and Baley MCclellan at their wedding reception hosted by DJSean and held at the Barn at the springs in Cave Springs Arkansas.
DJSean and his set up positioned behind the wedding cake at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville Arkansas just as the guests arrive for the wedding reception of Jeremy and Stacie Hurtt.
These blue uplights create the perfect impact in the white window boxes at this wedding reception in the crystal ballroom at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR.
The floor at the Whitney Mountain Lodge in Garfield, Arkansas, was the perfect canvas for this new Bride and Groom's name in lights monogrammed and created spectacular pictures.
A beautiful setting at a reception that highlights the baby blue uplights that were intentionally chosen to match the bridal colors and the the color of the icing on the wedding cake.
Since this older venue in Fort Smith, Arkansas, only had bright overhead lights, nothing was used during the Prom's dancing except the purple uplights.
Hunter Hearn sings karaoke at a birthdy party in Fort Smith Arkansas at Columbus Acres.
This wedding reception venue on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, AR is transformed by the green uplights.
This 50th birthday celebration at the Club Seventy1 Bar and Grill in Springdale, Arkansas, included sexy dancing and sweet karaoke singing.
This warehouse in Joplin, Missouri, converted into a reception hall was amazing with the blue uplights and the video screen showing pictures of the bride and groom in the younger days and then during the courtship.
The blue and purple uplights surrounding the name in lights heart monogrammed on the floor help to set the perfect, warm atmosphere desired by the bride and groom at their wedding reception in Bentonville, Arkansas.
This gentleman gets a karaoke serenade at a Corporate fundraiser in Hot Springs, AR.

Add-Ons For Your Event

Ceremony Uplights Name in Lights Karaoke Video

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Small Set up for Wedding Ceremony: $75

DJSean's small set up consisting of 1 speaker, a mixer, and a lapel microphone and is being used at a fall outside wedding Ceremony at White River Landing in Greenland Arkansas.

I have done a great many ceremonies over the years. If your ceremony is in the same room and I can use the same set up that will be used to entertain at the reception, there is no additional fee, only extra time. If your plan is to have the ceremony on the same property, but not in the exact location of the reception, I can still do it for you, but it will require a second set up and there will be an additional fee of $75.

If you would like me to be the musical portion of your ceremony and it is in a different spot than the reception, there is a one time extra fee of $75 for the extra equipment and set up and tear down. Your time will still begin when I play the first song and run continuously until we play the last and say "Good Night". In this case, I will set up the main rig in the reception room first. Then, I set up a completely different set up for the ceremony. The second set up usually consists of 1 speaker, a mixer and a laptop and all the proper cords. I am able to provide a cordless microphone for your officiant, if you let me know in advance.

Uplights: starting at $200

A military officer and his new bride dance their first dance at the Inn of the Ozarks to the backdrop of blue uplights and their name in lights monogrammed on the floor.

One of the more popular add-ons right now is uplighting. I hate to sound like a salesman, but this is a spectacular option! I can not put into words what an impact it makes.

I do many destination wedding in Eureka Springs where the hosts and all of the family and friends are from several hours away. In many cases, other than a few candles on the tables, their entire decorations consist of my uplighting and their name in lights.

What it consists of is me placing LED light pucks randomly around the walls. The puck is as big around as a volleyball, but only about 2 inches thick. Before anyone arrives, I lock them in on your color.

Imagine if you will, you are having a fall wedding and your main color is a deep vibrant (Crown Royal) Purple. When your guests arrive, the whole room is glowing in your color. As sun goes down and the rooms contains less natural lighting, the purple seems to intensify and glows even brighter, in YOUR color.

Obviously, I know the venues so I can help you determine how many uplights you need to be effective. 10 or 20 will almost always do the job. The only advice that I need to share is that the color really needs to be on the darker side. It is most effective when it is red, green, purple, blue, etc. Colors like yellow, orange or white tend to wash out the room and be counterproductive.

Uplights are priced at $200 for 10, $300 for 20. If you book uplights (10 or 20), Name in Lights is FREE!

Name In Lights as an add-on is $50

These name in lights were monogrammed on the wall at the championship boxing match at the civic center in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Name In Lights is an inexpensive way to really personalize the night. Name In Lights is where I create a special slide that has the event or honoree's name. I then use a special DJ light to broadcast it up onto a wall. Depending on the distance from my booth to the wall I select, the image ends up about the size of a hood of a car. I always try to make them fit the situation so I may put a heart around a bride and groom's name or a mini that looks like a pumpkin for their car Halloween party.

The great thing about Name In Lights is that the image on the wall really seems to find its way into pictures. If you scan through the pictures on the Past Shows Page, you will see lots of examples.

Karaoke as an add-on is $75

Karaoke is what it is. For anyone who has been hiding in a cave, this is where I play the instrumental version of a song while the words roll on a screen. The singer gets the microphone and gets to sing the song, over my speakers.

I will say that personally, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give karaoke about a 3. I have done some shows where we had great singers and it was a fun addition. Unfortunately, I have been to many more where it no muy bueno! (or not so good)

Guy sings a David Allen Coe karaoke song at a 50th birthday celebration at club seventy1 in Springdale, AR.

Karaoke is a choice. For some folks, it awesome and they love it. For other people, it is terrible and they hate it. You can make it a part of your reception or party. Whether you plan your entire party around karaoke or just plan to mix it in between dance sets, it can definitely make the night more interesting.

If you add on karaoke, I bring everything you need for the karaoke to be simple and fun.

I bring songbooks that have the songs listed by artist and by title to pass out among your guests. In each songbook there are pens and request slips; so all your guests have to do is select the song, write it down, write down their name, and be ready to sing. I also bring a TV that displays the words for your singers. I have found that the crowd has much more fun when they can sing along; so, if you have the option to use a TV at the venue, let me know and I will bring all of the needed cables to hook it in. If you want to add on Video, I can set up a 10' x 7' screen with the words. Lastly, I bring extra microphones for the singers. This way there isn't just one mic for everyone to share, you will have at least 2 for the singers and I will still have one for myself.

An Elvis impersonator showed up to sing karaoke at this wedding reception in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

I am not the type of KJ (karaoke jock) that will steal the show either. If you need me to sing a song to break the ice, or be the male part of a duet - I can do that.

I feel like the show is for you and your guests, not for me. I see too many KJs that want to take over and put on a concert, I think this is 100% wrong! I feel like it is your show/event and your guests didn't come to hear the KJ sing, they came to get to sing themselves. My goal is to make your guests, who get up on stage and sing, feel like he or she is the star!

Karaoke can be added to any show for $75. I really need at least 24 hours notice so I can bring all of the extra microphones and TV for the singers. If you decide you want it that night, at the event, I can make it happen, but I will not have the extra TV for the words and I may not have as many microphones as I would like.

Video as an add-on is $100

Music in Motion's video screen set up at a reception in Joplin, Missouri, to show a montage of the newlywed's courtship.

Video is not right for every gathering, but for some events, it can be especially impactful.

My Video add-on is just want it sounds like -- I will bring and set up both a video projector and a video screen. The video screen is approximately 10' wide and 7' tall. This means that the screen is large enough to be seen in even a large room. My video projector can project to the front of the screen or from the rear and show through the screen. Usually, I like to project the images from behind the screen; so, I can position the screen at the edge of the floor and the projector behind it and off the floor. This way, I am not taking up valuable real estate on the dance floor.

Video has many different uses; so, I will tell you about a few:

  • Bridal Picture Show

    Many of my brides take the time to create a slide show with PowerPoint or some other medium. Usually this consists of a few minutes of the younger bride, then a few minutes of the youthful groom, then pictures of the courtship.

    In many cases it will include pictures of family members present and past. I have even seen some savvy hosts who downloaded pictures of the ceremony prior to the video being shown at the reception. Either way, it is a great walk down memory lane both for the families and for the guests.

    I have also seen slide shows made for 50th birthday parties, reunions, senior pictures at Proms, and anniversaries.

    Basically, you create the picture show and bring the laptop or dvd player and I will use my screen and projector to show it to your group.

  • Music Videos

    Anytime you are having a party that includes dancing, I can provide a screen that can be used to show videos. I have a wide variety of music videos both current and past that can be mixed into the dance sets.

  • Karaoke

    Karaoke works with the standard TV screen with the words for the singer, but a huge video screen makes it really fun. When I am able to flash the words on a screen big enough for the whole group to see, it really draws the rest of the group into each song and makes it more fun because they will sing right along.