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Lights & Special Effects

The Prom room is gorgeous as it glows brightly with the purple uplights surrounding the dance floor beside the 10 foot video screen and the massive array of lights and special effects in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Unless otherwise discussed, the initial rate that I quote you always includes dance floor lights. Having said that, I will only set them up if they will have an impact. What I mean by that is simple -- if you have your event outside or in a room with windows during the sunlight hours, there is a strong chance that I won't set up lights on the dance floor, simply because they would be ineffective.

Some DJ companies will entice you with an inexpensive base rate show, only to bump up your cost with add-ons like lights. Lights can be a crucial component in the success of your event; so, I think it is important to include it and not make it an option.

I will also say that I won't overwhelm the room. If it is a small room with a formal reception, I am not going to breakout the fog machines and strobe lights.

You deserve my best show every time, which is another reason I make my base rate include lights. If lights might help make your party more fun, why would I want to leave them out in the trailer?

The most common set up used by DJ Sean Hearn and Music in Motion for a typical show consisting of 100 guests or less.

I have one of, if not the most impressive lighting and special effects packages in the region. I have the ability to be as big or as small as you want. I have used lights for a family wedding of 30 and also for a Crossland Construction Christmas Party of 2000. I add new light fixtures and/or special effects every year so I have a wide range of tools in my bag. I won't bore you with a list of all that I have, but if you know lights, just ask and I would be happy to tell you the list. You can look at pictures on this page and throughout the site to see what the set up might look like.

The lights in the set up that you see on this page are actual examples of the ones that I use at my shows. These are appropriate to fill the room and light an average sized dance floor for up to 250 people. They allow me to change the moods and make it fun!

I use the light bar for the smaller shows (typically 250 or less) and the 10 foot truss for the larger shows (typically 250 or more).

I may also use the truss for other reasons. Suppose I am doing a show that includes Karaoke. In this situation, I could hang a 32" TV in the middle for my singers to use. I also want the ability to have lights directed back at the singer or whomever is on stage. This is also the case when the party includes an entertainer like a comedian.

I will give you a few examples that would be typical:

One of my slogans is "Invite My Party To Your Party!" or "Party In A Box". Both basically mean the same: I bring all the makings for an incredibly fun party and lights are a big part!