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A Bride's One Year Wedding Planner

Organization and advanced planning will help to make your wedding and reception a more pleasurable (and less stressful) experience. You should begin to do the work for a large formal wedding at least a year in advance. To follow will be a fairly complete list of reminders, organized on a time line. While there are no exact right and wrongs, this should give you a good list to work from. If you include your fiancé in the planning process it will create a special bond between you two.

Download or print the page.

2 to 5 Years Prior to Wedding

12 Months or More in Advance

6 to 8 Months in Advance

4 to 6 Months in Advance

2 Months in Advance

1 Month in Advance

2 Weeks in Advance

One Week in Advance

Wedding Day

Your planning is complete, so try to relax and get plenty of rest because the fun is about to begin!

Good luck!!

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