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Pricing Policies

My pricing is easy: there is one set rate for the first three hours and it is always $75 for each additional hour.

The cost for the initial rate depends on the location (city & site) you have chosen and whether it is indoors or outdoors. You will need to discuss your event with me to get this initial rate.

Any time needed past the initial 3 hours is a flat $75 per hour.

I do this on purpose because in many cases, my hosts want to extend the party. This way when you approach me the night of -- there are no surprises. You pay me right then for the additional hour or 2 and I keep right on playing uninterrupted.

To reserve any date, I require a signed contract and a Booking Fee of $150 that will be applied to the final amount.

Suppose you book a 3 hour show for $600. You sign the contract and pay your $150 Booking Fee, the balance due is $450. Once I have both the contract and the booking fee the date is reserved for your event. I only do one show a day so you have the flexibility to move the times if you need to as long as it is on the same day. The important thing is to sign the contract and reserve the date, we can always massage the times as needed.

All dates are on a first come, first serve basis and should not be considered booked until you receive your receipt for the Booking Fee and contract with my signature.

In the event that you should be forced to cancel, I require 30 days notice, in writing, or the entire contracted amount will be due within 30 days of the date of the contracted performance.

Unfortunately, I have to do this because I have been turning down other potential clients to hold your date. Most of the big events have already booked entertainment, which leaves me sitting home.

If you must cancel, I do give you the paid amount toward any show you want to have in the next year. This way, if you choose to, you still get a party for your money.

I will also tell you that your initial rate includes everything you need for a good event. I don't believe in baiting a client with a price on a washed down version of my show, only to raise the ante with extras that should have been included to begin with. I do offer some extras, but they are just that -- things that are above and beyond.

My rate is always all inclusive of the things you need for a good party which includes: Professional Sound Equipment, Dance Floor Lights, full library of music, and Me - Sean Hearn (with over 20 years experience) to DJ / EMCEE / KJ your event.

Possible Add-Ons for Your Event

The name in lights monogram on the wall and the warm glow of peach fills this reception room in Eureka Springs as the guests arrive for the wedding reception at the Best Western.

There are several things that can be added to really put your night over the top. Things that are not necessary, but that will give your event the WOW factor.

These include small Wedding Ceremony Set Up, Uplighting, Name in Lights, Video Projector and/or Video Screen, Bubbles, and/or Karaoke. To add any of these things will cost more upfront for each thing you add, but will never affect the extra time being $75 an hour or the deposit being $150.

To find out more about the add-ons, go to the ADD-ONS page. To find out more about karaoke, please go to KARAOKE.

If you are ready to discuss your date, please call (479) 461-3539 or email me: email me with the specifics of your event, anytime.