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Sean's Favorite Remixes and Medleys

Shaved Ice

A combination of "Ice Ice Baby" (and so on, description of remix?)

Remix: Angels Now and Then

At my shows, I try to play a wide variety of music to please all ages in attendance. When possible, especially if it is a younger / more progressive crowd, I try to include remixes and medleys, when time allows.

A remix is a version where the song has been enhanced with a beefy bass line and vinyl trickery -- like cutting and scratching or samples from other songs. Sometimes this is something complicated that is done in my studio, then saved as an MP3 to play publicly. Other times, this is something that I do on the fly at an event. If you listen closely, in many cases, I will premix the next song into the current song before it ends.


Remix: Milkshake & Billie Jean

Remix: Milkshake & Zinc

A medley is simply a musical montage that includes many different songs, all blended together so there are no breaks between the start and the conclusion. The purpose is to create a sound that is all close to the same beat or all from the same genre that allows the dancers, who are enjoying it, an extended time on the floor. A great medley is one that mixes song after song after song without you hearing a break in the beat.

Mickey Medley

I will also mention that I have done some short medleys for individuals. I have done several medleys for High School and college dance routines. I have done medleys used by cheerleaders at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

I have also done what I call the "Funky Dance Medleys". Occasionally, I have a bride or groom who wants to spice up one of the first few Special Dances. In many cases, this will begin with the slow song. Then I mix in 3 or 4 fun faster ones that they choose like: "YMCA", "Ice Ice Baby", "Gangnam Style", "Baby Got Back", "Sexy and I Know It", "The Twist", "Raining Men", etc. The crowd is expecting the typical slow dance and they get a fun mix of several songs. This can really be fun and set the table for the fun that is about to come!

To give you an idea, back in the late 90s when remixes were super popular, I was approached by a woman living in Fort Smith who was Laotian. Apparently, she was a big deal in her community as a singer. She hired me to remix several songs that were on her upcoming album. Basically, I took a program called ACID and used it to recreate her songs. Some I changed the tempo to be much faster turning a slow song into more of a fast dance song. On some, I left the speed (BPM) the same and added bass lines to give it more of a club feel.

A remix or a medley is a lot like a cake or a pie with me as the baker. I take ingredients that are present, many of which have been used by others for years and combine them in a unique way to create something that is totally new. Many people like good ol' homemade apple pie. If I add strawberries, or maybe make several small pastries with the apple pie fillings it may appeal to others.

If you need something special done, call me (479) 461-3539 or send me an email, and we can discuss it. I can take any song and remove parts, add parts, etc.

Mixologist and DJ Sean Hearn working the vinyl on the old but reliable SL-1200 Technics direct-drive turntable; no doubt creating another remix or medley to drop in the club and entice his dancers at the party out and onto the floor.

While I do buy some remixes and medleys, I have a studio in which I create many of my own. Above are a few of the remixes and medleys for you to listen to. Because it is easy to copy them, you may here the words MUSIC IN MOTION splashed over top in places. This is strictly an attempt to protect them, those words are not in the actual songs that get played. I will be periodically updating this page with fresh cuts; so, check back often. If you have a request, shoot me an email, if I have time, I will see what I can do.